Is Penis Enlargement Possible?

We need to understand on what small really means and this is apart from any personal considerations or statistics. The bottom line is that the flaccid size is irrelevant. Some of them have a small size, but when it becomes erect it goes on to become enormous in stature. But there are men who have an obvious flaccid size, which gets aroused, but does not increase in size or length. You need to correlate that erect size and flaccid which is not the desired norm. Studies point to the fact that most men tend to have an erect size between 5 to 6 inches and sometimes below 5 inches is to be considered to be as small.

At no point you should be fooled with the sizes in the adult movies as most of them who are selected are above average. These movies tend to use visual gimmicks to make the manhood appear much larger than it may seem.

Does The Fairer Sex Have an Opinion About the Size of the Penis?

This is the question which most of the men are bothered. Though a lot of women claim that the size of the penis is not that important, it is the technique and a partner who will love them to glory. This is a really a myth and a half-baked truth. From face to face a survey the fact emerges is that the size is indeed important for women. This is no way means that a small penis will not satisfy your partner and there will be dumped or a sense of gloom in your sex life. The real fact that may haunt you is that size matters at least when you consider the viewpoint of some women. An interesting statistic emerges is that nearly 85 % women are happy with the size of their partners, but it is only 55 % of men who are happy with their tool size. So when you perceive the problem, it is nearly a big one that you can imagine.

On the other hand, too big is also not good, and if it is hung like a horse, then you will not enjoy intercourse in a lot of positions as well. Though it is stretchable the average size of the vagina, is just 4.5 inch in depth and when it is above a bit average, it tends to have its own set of advantages at the same time. This is all the more so when you practice sex positions like anal sex.

Is The Size of the Penis Influenced by Your Forefathers?

For sure, yes, if the size of your penis is small it may be due to genes. Say for example, sons of fathers who have a large penis tend to have the same and the opposite also holds true.

To conclude, neither any form of supplements or food will increase the size of your penis. All the pills that are available on the internet are fake ones for sure.

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